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How far away is Kommeno Beach?

Head down to the gates, cross to the other side of the road, and walk down what feels like a secret passage until you come to the pebble beach of Kommeno Bay.

Perhaps because of the geographical layout and enclosed formation of the bay, this is one of the best spots to swim on the island with water that is crystal clear, calm and warm. It's also a favourite spot for boats and some of the larger yachts to moor. Swim out towards them and you might just get an invite to join them on board.

Look to your left and you will see the Casa Brigitta private floating pontoon moored off the shore.

​You can spend an entire afternoon soaking up the sun and diving off the pontoon into the water.

And remember to snap your jump-off pic and upload it here to feature on our Casa Brigitta Jump Off wall.

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